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Lee Rivers and the Merlin Gate - M.W. Caudron Lee Rivers is about to start at a new high school, and between his trouble reading and the taunts of the local bully, he's pretty worried about it. To his surprise, Merlin High School turns out to be just what he needed; it is there that he meets a new friend, gets more training in ecology&wilderness survival, and starts practicing Tai Chi. This awakens spiritual curiosity in him, which in turn help him to understand the obstacles he faces.

This is a good-hearted book, sort of like a cross between Sophie's World and any of those young-boy-explores-wilderness books. I'm definitely the wrong audience for it: I'm far too old to appreciate the "gee whiz" tinged dialog, and I'm not all that interested in spiritual matters. I think it would be better appreciated by tweens, particularly those who haven't already gotten jaded and cynical.

Website here: http://www.leerivers.com/