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Doorway To His Heart - Jo Barrett Concert pianist Emily dies, but when she next opens her eyes, she finds herself in Regency England, inhabiting another woman's body. Millicent was self-obsessed and cruel, living only for sensual pleasures and to torment her rich husband. Now Emily has to deal with the consequences of all the damage Millicent has done. She hopes it isn't too late to convince her husband that she really is a changed woman.

I felt like Emily was a bit too good to be true, particularly in how easily she adjusted to living in the Regency era. Just a comment or two about hygiene differences or the lack of good books to read would have satisfied me, but Emily settles into the past without qualm. I did like how difficult she found winning her husband's confidence--Millicent had already played so many games, and lied so many times, that his wariness was believable. And I liked that after he's convinced that Emily really is inhabiting the body of his wife, that he's concerned that by loving her he's breaking his marriage vows; it added a great deal to his characterization as a man of honor. I wish the story was a bit longer and more drawn out, with a plot beyond just Emily's quest to win Barnaby's trust. Something where her lack of experience with the era was a problem, or her future knowledge was an asset, would have added a lot to this book.