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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
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The Queen's Necklace - Teresa Edgerton Generations ago, goblins ruled humans impacably and mercilessly. They were overthrown, and all but a few of the former rulers (the Maglore) are destroyed. The few that survive are driven into hiding where they have remained for centuries, until all but a secret sorcerous order, the Specularii, have been convinced the Maglore were but legends. Now, the time is ripe for the Maglore to reclaim their lost thrones and crush humanity once more. Even as they subvert the current human kings and steal the various Goblin Jewels (really magical mechanical devices), no one but the Specularii and Wilrowan Blackheart even believe they exist, let alone stand in their way. The Maglore are great characters, and I love the world Edgerton has created, but Wilrowan’s clichéd romance with his sometime-rival Lilianna of the Specularri is horribly boring. The two main characters (Wilrowan and Lilianna) drag the story down; it’s an enticing adventure but for their presence.