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Lightsabers - Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta The Jedi trainees are ready to make their lightsabers, but Tenel Ka is impatient with herself. She rushes the delicate process, and her lightsaber gives out during a training duel with Jacen--and his lightsaber promptly cuts off her arm. Stricken, Tenel Ka returns to her homeworld. She has always defined herself as a warrior, and now she thinks herself useless. But her grandmother's tough love, and her friends' good sense, convince her that she can still be a warrior, and she returns to the Academy to complete her training.

I loved this book. Tenel Ka shines, and the friendships feel real and specific. There's a scene where the twins teach her to braid her hair with only one hand that I remember to this day. And the book doesn't pull back in its portrayal of her grief and feelings of worthlessness. In this book, the characterization IS the plot.