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The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong Chloe just wants to grow up and direct movies, but the periodic horrific hallucinations she suffers from makes leading a normal, easy life improbable. After freaking out at school, Chloe is forced into a home for teens with psychological issues. At Lyle House, Chloe tries her hardest to get better--but no matter how many meds she takes, she can still hear voices from the empty basement. After talking to a few of the other teens, she begins to wonder if maybe she's supernatural, not schizophrenic.

It's an engaging adventure, but low-key enough that the characters have enough time to have nuanced conversations about the stigma associated with mental illness and the impacts of classism and racism on their lives--never in heavy-handed ways, and always in a tone that feels natural. The plot to the Summoning is good, but the real stand-out aspect of this novel is the characterization. Chloe is a realistic, believable heroine, with a specific personality and interests of her own. The minor characters are equally well-realized. They feel like people in their own right, with their own families and causes, rather than simply background noise. I'm excited to read the next book in the series, just to see more of these characters.