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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
Thorstein Veblen, Alan Wolfe
Sisters in Fantasy - Susan Shwartz, Martin H. Greenberg A collection of short fantasy stories by female writers. A mixed bag, but overall better than most fantasy collections. The styles range from noir detective to high fantasy, but nearly all are in some way a twist or subversion on popular tropes.

My faves:
Jo Clayton's "Hallah's Choice", about a middle-aged assassin who finds that her long-lost daughter and granddaughter are in trouble. In exchange for their safety, she swears herself into the service of a mysterious chess master. The world building here was really fascinating, and this story felt like a little glimpse into a much larger tale. I'm intrigued!

Tanith Lee's "Felixity", about the drab daughter of two wealthy, beautiful, charming people. When she falls prey to a con man, only her own imagination and desperation saves her. Beautifully written.

Nancy Kress's "Unto the Daughters" is one of my very favorite versions of "the serpent tells its side of the story of the fall of Man" story. Heart-felt without being schmaltzy, clever but also earthy. Lots of impact from little background details.

My least favorite:
Andre Norton's "The Way Wind" in which an annoyingly perfect herbalist/witch saves a few people from a bunch of women-hating fanatics. I liked nothing about this.