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Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Anna was turned into a werewolf against her will and brutalized for years. Someone else's peril gave her the push she needed to call in the Marok's enforcer. When Charles arrived in Chicago, they each realized that they were in love. Within a week, they'd resolved the pack's dysfunction (by killing most of the pack) and then Anna moved to live with Charles. About a day after arriving in the weird little community the Marok's pack (made mostly of wolves either too vulnerable or too dangerous for other packs), Charles and Anna are given a mission: find and stop whatever's been killing hikers. They stomp through the snow for a couple days, find the person responsible, some fights happen, they win, and then they get married. Sure, they've known each other for less than two weeks. Sure, Anna was emotionally and sexually abused for years until just two weeks ago. But hey, their wolves recognize either other as mates, so...Also features Asil, a wolf so old that he has a perpetually jaded and borderline suicidal outlook on life. Although I quite liked him in Briggs's Mercy Thompson series, hearing his internal monolog makes him feel implausible and thinly characterized.

What was really amazing about this book is that despite all the action and romance, it is so boring that I fell asleep most times I tried to read it. It actually, literally operated as a soporific. I don't know if it's just because I don't like the characters or what, but I found this series nigh unreadable.