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Wild Blood (Vampire in the City, #2) - Donna Ansari Emma is still adjusting to becoming a vampire when a whole new mess begins. Her new roommate turns out to be a werewolf, and through him she finds out that not only do werewolves exist, but they're deadly serious about killing any and all vampires. Emma agrees with them that all the vampires of her experience slaughter humans by the score, but she draws the line at all-out war between the species. But neither the vampires nor the werewolves will agree to a truce--and in trying to create one, Emma makes herself the number one target of each side.

Plus, her love life has gotten exceedingly confusing.

I really liked the sense of humor throughout this book, and the natural style of dialog. And, of all vampire books I've read thus far, Wild Blood seems the most honest presentation of the trials and tribulations of biting people regularly.