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Smugglers' Sum: Bio of Du - Carola Dunn Adorable regency romance--possibly one of Dunn's best. Olivia is pretty, plump, and constantly at the beck and call of her political father and charity-obsessed mother. Her much richer cousin Julia is her only glimpse into the fashionable Ton. When Julia disgraces herself by falling in love with a Whig, she is banished to the country. Olivia, who has never been out of the city, jumps at the chance to accompany Julia. The country is every bit as beautiful as she'd hoped, but far from relaxing--she befriends a smuggler, is much admired by a Lieutenant, and falls in love with Julia's beau.

I enjoyed this story a great deal; the one annoyance was that Olivia has to lose weight before anyone notices her. Very frustrating!