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Frederica - Georgette Heyer I've seen this described as one of Heyer's better books, which confuses me. There is nothing new or wonderful about anything in this book. As usual, the heroine is a sensible pretty woman of good breeding with laudable loyalty and family feeling. The hero is sophisticated, physically powerful, fashionable, rich, and very respected in Society. They are brought together by the heroine's funny family (in this case, her rambunctious brothers and beautiful but silly sister--another Heyer trope). The brothers are the best part of this book, particularly Jessamy. His struggle toward maturity is the best subplot this novel could ask for. The main plot is lackluster, however. The love interests feel no heat for each other--after a few chapters of being friends, suddenly each is attracted to the other, but nothing really gets in the way or spurs them on to declare their love. At no point was my interest roused. The rich, handsome Marquis of Alverstroke was clearly going to marry the pretty, thoughtful Frederica after a few amusing scrapes and perhaps an attempted elopement on the part of her beautiful younger sister--and lo, it was so.

I've been reading a regency romance a month for a while now, and I think i need to take a break before I sour on the genre entirely.