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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
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The Truce at Bakura: Star Wars - Kathy Tyers The Emperor is dead, but the Empire lives on. Luke, Leia, and Han go to a planet that I assume is named Bakura, where they try to convince the Imperial governers to surrender. Luke falls in love and tries to save a boy who is talented in the Force but controlled by evil. But what I really remember is that Luke is infected by parasites that everyone *knows* will kill him, but he fights them off with the Force and then, in a dramamtic moment that I remember to this day, appears to confront his former enemies. One of them shoots at him, he ducks, and then (barely holding himself together after all his adventures and fighting off the infection) he slowly presses upward and stands again, like a "lithe grey shadow." At least ten years later I remember specific lines from this scene. For some reason it made a huge impression upon me. For the Luke scenes alone, I recommend reading this book in addition to the rightfully ubiquitously recommended Zahn trilogy.