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King's Shield - Sherwood Smith After nearly a decade of exile, Inda returns to his homeland to warn them of a Venn invasion fleet. His old friends are thrilled to see him (not least the King, Evred, whose love for him has never died), but chilled by his news. They are all-too aware that the kingdom cannot defend itself against the overwhelming forces of the Venn.

This is another great book in the Inda series. Smith did a lot of the heavy lifting part of world-building in Inda and [b:The Fox|21787|The Princess Bride |William Goldman|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51244A5RWML._SL75_.jpg|992628], so this book can focus on the characters and their adventures. Inda himself remains the least interesting character (although seeing him through the eyes of his Malrovan childhood friends gives him an extra bit of spice); the background characters are unique and well-developed. And the battles themselves are well-described and bloody. I feared for the life of every character (well, except Evred and Inda), because Smith has shown herself willing to abruptly kill anyone off. She does so here, as well, and it fits. The pseudo-victory Inda manages to pull off comes at a terrible price, and Smith makes sure the reader does not forget it. But warning--much like the previous books in the series, this book ends leaving the reader wondering and wanting more. You'll want to get your hands on [b:Treason's Shore|5265856|Treason's Shore (Inda, #4)|Sherwood Smith|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51aYDnO6uTL._SL75_.jpg|5333173] as quickly as possible!