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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
Thorstein Veblen, Alan Wolfe
Doing Daily Battle - Fatema Mernissi, Fatema Mernissi, Jo Lakeland Frustrated by charges that feminism was a Western ideal, and that Moroccan women had nothing to complain about, Mernissi conducted a series of interviews with women from across the country, of different generations and classes, to prove the critics wrong. I'm so glad she compiled the interviews--they are priceless. Some of the women were born ~1900, and yet the interviews of those born 50 years later are startlingly similar. Huge changes occurred, and yet the same experiences kept popping up: not enough money, no control, lots of family interaction. A fascinating book, rife with notations on the details of food preparation, birth control, spiritual beliefs, and social mores that used to be unmentionable in history books.