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A Madness of Angels - Kate Griffin Matthew Swift wakes up on the floor of his apartment--two years after he was brutally murdered. Now he has no money, no clothes, and an otherworldly presence in his head. Luckily, Matthew Swift is not your typical Londoner--he is an urban sorcerer, and he has a few tricks up his sleeves...
I loved loved LOVED the magic systems in this book. This book is one of the few with thoughtful, exciting, non-traditional magic--others that spring to mind are Hellblazer, Night Watch, Neverwhere, and the Books of Magic. Another thing that surprised me was how much I liked Matthew. Unlike pretty much every urban magician I can think of (I'm looking at you, Dresden and Constantine), he's not a jaded asshole. He has a sense of wonder and delight in his city that translates to the reader. The battles are exciting, the characters interesting, and if the climactic battle is a little less climactic than I expected, well, it was still an enthralling read. I recommend this to anyone looking for an urban fantasy fix!