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Lord Iverbrook's Heir - Carola Dunn Dunn is one of my favorite regency writers, so I had high hopes for this one. Alas, the pacing is uneven and the plot requires far too much suspension of disbelief. The basic tale is that Lord Iverbrook returns from his estates in Jamaica* to find his brother dead and his nephew his heir. But young boy is in the charge of an aunt, which Lord Iverbrook thinks utterly inappropriate. He goes in search of the aunt with the intention of forcing her to give the boy up. But of course, he almost immediately falls in love with her instead. They are kept apart by a number of increasingly hard to believe circumstances--how many drastic misunderstandings could possibly occur between two people so otherwise sensible and well-suited? Plus, the villains are rather too silly and two-dimensional--I never felt anyone was in any danger. Overall, a fun few hours spent in Regency England, but nothing to truly recommend.

*Iverbrook freed his slaves and is coming back to the UK to convince the government to stand strong against the slave-trade. Although I appreciated the reminder that money in a colonial power is not blood-free, that subplot only takes up a page or two, and exists mainly to show off Iverbrook as a hero and the servants as prejudiced bumpkins.