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Living with the Dead - Kelley Armstrong Hope's old friend Robyn recently lost her husband and is lost to grief. Hope is a half-chaos demon who works for the tabloids and the supernatural Council, but she drops everything to go stay with Robyn for a while. It turns out Robyn needs her help more than she ever expected--because Robyn's starlet client has just been murdered, and Robyn is the number one suspect. It's up to Hope, her werewolf boyfriend Karl, and a cop who can see ghosts to find the truth.

One annoying thing about listening to this book instead of reading it is that I couldn't skim, which is how I usually read Armstrong's novels. She restates practically everything, particularly in regards to characters' relationships with each other. Hope and Karl talk about their feelings in every single chapter; Robyn constantly thinks about how much she misses her dead husband; the book goes over how Robyn and Hope met and became bffs at least twice (though Robyn has never been mentioned before this book)...Even the action is talked over; every time someone does something, they ruminate on it and then talk about it with at least one other character. And then the *other* characters talk about it. It feels endless.

The plot itself is pretty light-weight, and I'm sick to death of Armstrong's need to make an opposite-gender True Love hottie for every character she introduces. But there's a certain fun to novels with a mix of adventure and interpersonal relations, so I'm sure I'll read more in this series.

One note: the voices the audiobook reader did were *awful*. All the women got breathy little girl voices, and all the men but Karl and Finn (the two male love interests, natch) had serious lisps. It was distracting.