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Flirt - Laurell K. Hamilton Why did I do this to myself? Why return to Anita Blake, when all she does is annoy and frustrate me?

Because I am a fool.

But as foolish as I am, at least I didn't write a novel in which all the male characters tell Anita how hot and desirable and wonderful she is for an entire chapter. Is there a plot? Sure, but it's solved in about two minutes. Truthfully, there are so many problems with this story that it’s hard to know what to complain about most.

-The pages upon pages of descriptions of each man’s hair, eyes, muscles, and dreadful clothing choices?
-The chapter in which nothing happens except Anita and her waiter flirting with each other?
-The way the reader is repeatedly reminded that every single other female character is stupider, meaner, and less pretty than Anita?
-How every single time Anita does anything, all the male characters comment on how amazing and astounding it is?
-How Anita Blake uses magic to take away someone’s free will for the rest of his life? And then has sex with him? And then has a long discussion with her other boyfriends about whether she should “keep” him, while the poor dude listens and weeps? And then all her boyfriends comfort her about how hard it must have been on her?
-Or ooh, how ‘bout how we’re supposed to think Anita is oh-so-moral because she refuses to raise zombies that someone wants to have sex with, but then she raises zombies and forces them to kill and eat people? Including their own family members?

This series better end with someone chopping her head off, because at this point Anita Blake is actively evil.