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Not Less Than Gods - Kage Baker Years ago, Kage Baker began the Company series, which followed near-immortal time-traveling cyborgs in their adventures throughout human history. Yes, they were as much fun as they sound--and exhibited an excellent grasp of history and a gift for tragedy, as well.

This book, not so much. It's a prequel to Mendoza in Hollywood, but is best read after The Children of the Company. The problem with this book is the cheeky, irreverant humor is missing, and the sense of impending doom is gone. And even by the end, I didn't have much idea of the characters' personalities. Edward himself is a fascinating man, but this book provides no new insights to him. The plot itself is episodic, with no narrative tension--Edward is told to go places and do things, and he goes and does them without much, if any, problems. I never felt worried about whether his mission would succeed or not, because I never got a good idea of what it was, or why it mattered. Overall, this was a disappointment, and only worthwhile if you really need more Company in your life.