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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
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The Keeper Of The Isis Light - Monica Hughes After her parents died in a freak storm, Olwen has grown up alone on the alien world of Isis. She spends her days roaming the planet she considers her own. The only person she speaks to is the Guardian of Isis. But at last, colonists are coming to Isis.

This book feels very dated. The style of writing, the gender norms, the tech, all felt very golden-age scifi. Additionally, the OMG PLOT TWISTs are excrutiatingly obvious. Once they're out of the way, the story improves. Overall, I did quite like this story. Although Olwen is almost excessively feminine in some ways, she is also incredibly physically courageous (fans of Cashore's Graceling will appreciate her) and self-sufficient. And most of all, I love the basic message of this book: that being yourself and free is worth more than romance or even companionship.