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The Spanish Bride - Georgette Heyer During the Napoleonic wars, Brigade-Major Harry Smith falls in love with a fourteen year old Spanish gentlewoman. They marry immediately, and Juana follows the army around, being adorable and very brave. For someone who has read a good number of Heyer books, this is an odd turn from the usual. Harry and Juana were real people, and all the supporting cast and plot is a matter of historical record. Heyer has clearly exhaustively researched their lives and the battles they were involved in. In fact, she seems more interested in the war than in her ostensible main characters--whole pages go by that are purely about troop movements. It's not as much frothy fun as her usual Regency romps, but it was actually a refreshing change to read a Heyer hero who isn't a paragon, a heroine who isn't perfection, and a reasonably plausible plot.