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Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light - Tanya Huff I read this a very long time ago, and can't say I remember much. I believe the main character is dumpy and developmentally disabled, which is pretty damn rare. Many of the fantasy novels I read as tween left me with a distinct, clear memory of at least a single scene; I used to fall deeply into books, inhabiting even the least of them as though they were reality. I don't remember anything about this book except the cover, which is not a good sign. But from other reviews it has a diverse group of characters (always a nice change from the usual white-boy-hero, male-sidekick-with-some-quirk, girl-sidekick-who-is-the-smart-one trio--sometimes one of the sidekicks is queer or not white, but it's pretty rare) and is set in a recognizable city, thus setting it above half the urban fantasy out there.