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Dead And Gone  - Charlaine Harris This is only the 9th Sookie Stackhouse book, but it feels like the millionth. As ever, the first half is an interminably boring run-down of Sookie's day-by-day activities. She weeds! She bakes! She picks up her mail! Every few chapters the plot progresses slightly, but the majority of pages in Dead and Gone are devoted to reminding the reader of the many (many) characters, inane conversations about sweet tea, and what feel like endless references to past events. Admittedly, a lot has happened to Sookie and friends in the last few years, but rehashing it all made the book feel stale and boring.

The plot abruptly shifts into overdrive in the last few chapters--Sookie goes from sun tanning and thinking uncharitable thoughts about her neighbors (I know she's psychic, but dear god she is the most unkind, unforgiving, judgmental bitch, especially about other women) to a desperate last stand in a hospital surrounded by dying friends and allies. The last few chapters reminded me how Harris can be, but it was too little, too late. And worst of all, the last chapter revives the tired old love triangle I thought had ended books ago. The one thing I do not need more of is paranormal love triangles.