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Saved by the Sheikh! - Tessa Radley How are books like this still getting written, let alone published? I understand wanting to read something quick, easy, and satisfying to one's id, but this is just--shit. Classist, Orientalist, sexist shit. The plot is ridiculous, the characters make no sense, the porn isn't even PORN (her hand found his hardness? come on now!), and it reinforces pretty much ever stupid, prejudiced idea our society has managed to come up with.

I just wanted something to amuse me for a little while. I didn't want to end up on goodreads ranting about mass-produced schlock. It makes me feel like a elitist meanie, tearing down other people's pleasure. But books like this are trash. Not because they're romances--a romance is just a book with a relationship at its core, just like a mystery is simply a book with an enigma as its plot. But because they're so lazy. Tiffany tells the sheikh she speaks French and he is amazed. Fifteen pages later, she tells the sheikh she speaks French, and he acts just as surprised as the first time. Holes like this are so common in Saved by the Sheikh that they're practically punctuation. The characters are just mishmashed conglomerations of every romance cliche out there: he's brutally manly, yet cold as ice! she's sensual and feminine, yet so naive she can barely feed herself! She works at a sex club without realizing its a sex club! He thinks she's a filthy slut! He takes her virginity! She gets pregnant! He assumes she's a gold digging whore and tells her so repeatedly! She cries and tells him she just wants a white picket fence! (this actually happens, I swear to god) For no apparent reason, he decides she's not lying. He declares his love for her! Then the book ends!

And then I kill myself out of hatred. I swear, if it hadn't been an ebook, I'd have burnt it. The world would be a better place without filth like this in it.