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Graveminder - Melissa Marr Hundreds of years ago, a town made a pact with Death. In exchange for near perfect health and long life, any person born within the town will rise as a zombie. The only way to avoid this is to inter the bodies within the town borders and constantly appease them with visits, holy water and liquor. This is the job of the Graveminder, and Rebekkah has just unwittingly inherited it.

She inherits it at a most perilous time, when the dead are walking in greater numbers than in generations. This sounds exciting, but astoundingly, Marr manages to make it anything but. Instead of trying to stop the zombies, Rebekkah mostly just describes what dresses she wears in the Underworld and angsts about how she kissed Byron (her Fated One True Love) while he was still dating her step-sister. It takes like three seconds to actually solve the plot. The world building is so full of holes that I can't even handle it. If I started detailing all the ways Marr's town doesn't work, I would wear my fingers to the bone. A nonsensical dystopia would be forgivable if I liked the characters, but they are all too stupid to live.