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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
Thorstein Veblen, Alan Wolfe
And Her Soul Out Of Nothing - Olena Kalytiak Davis Feels a bit like Plath (before she delved all the way down) with a tinge of Tsvetaeva and a whole lot of modern, urban feel to it. She describes herself as having "hipbones/instead of children" and writes poems about puking in parking lots, Wal-Mart workers, her mother's death. Some are better than others, of course. And one is excellent.

"The Scaffolding Inside You" is one of those poems that most writers never manage, and few manage more than one. Relentless, pitiless, perfectly pared down. It felt so true that as I read it, I inadvertently memorized it, because every phrase felt right. For that poem alone (and perhaps "Father's Famous Devastation") I recommend finding this book.