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Wonder Woman: Love and Murder - Rodney Ramos, Terry Dodson, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Rachel Dodson, Paco Diaz, Jodi Picoult YESSS. Wonder Woman is drawn strong, statuesque, and even her fibbie suits can't quite conceal her defined muscles. I was wary that getting Picoult to write a comic about a lady superhero was a marketing gimmick, and perhaps it was. I don't much care why they got Picoult to write this trade; I'm just glad we got a series of WW in which her morality, her strength, and her relationship with the Amazons took precedence over her love life or the latest godawful title-spanning "epic" crisis. Let WW stand on her own!

The plot itself is a bit fuzzy (though really, no worse than what I read in most titles), but the dialog is funny and realistic, the art is great and dynamic, and the characterization coherent and interesting. Well worth a read.