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New Blood (Vampire in the City, #1) - Donna Ansari Emma lives a low-key, straitened life in modern-day New York. She works the night shift, periodically hangs out with her bff or makes plans with her boyfriend Stuart, and takes care of her cat. But then she's hit by a car, and everything changes. She wakes up dead.

Now a vampire, Emma must figure out how to feed and survive the day-light hours. Luckily, her maker Alex is there to help her through the logistical issues--while providing her and Tammy with delightful eye-candy. Emma has a logical mind and quickly comes to grips with her new existence, but she has a harder time learning the constant vigilance and distrust that vampires require to survive.

I liked Emma, who seemed really reasonable to me. The main draw to this story, for me, wasn't the twisty plot or potential romance, but that Emma read like someone I recognized. Realistic heroines are all too rare in the urban fantasy genre.