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The Keys to the Kingdom #6: Superior Saturday - Garth Nix Although it's only been a few days in the mortal realm, a lot has changed for Arthur Penhaligan. On a Monday, he was declared the Rightful Heir to the Keys to the Kingdom. He was immediately thrust into a world where everyone was taller, stronger, more magical and far more knowledgable, but he somehow triumphed over the dog-faced men in bowler hats, magical plagues, and clockwork eye-thieves populating the Lower House. He had scarcely returned to his own world when the machinations of Grim Tuesday threatened his family, and he was forced to return to the magical House to face Tuesday. Then Wednesday began, and he was swept into piratical sea battles. So it went, day after day, with Arthur getting progressively stronger and more determined than ever to defeat the Morrow Days.

Arthur needs every ounce of his prodigious will-power to succeed against the sorcerous schemes of Superior Saturday and against the workings of the Keys upon him. For every time he uses magic, he loses a little more of his humanity, and comes closer to becoming one of the tyrannical, magestic, sociopathic Denizens.

I began these books really liking Arthur, the imaginative world-building, and the way Nix wove together numerous influenes to create a unique magic system that still felt a little familiar. By this book, I am so deep in the story and so in love with Arthur and Suzy Turquoise Blue that I nearly missed my bus stop three times in the course of reading just this book. This ends on a particularly brutal pair of cliff-hangers; waiting to read the next book is torturous.