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Kitty Goes to Washington - Carrie Vaughn After a vicious attack, Kitty Norville woke up to find that she'd become a werewolf. But with enhanced speed, senses, and strength came supernatural pack dynamics that twisted all too easily into abuse. For years she cowered, but the advice she gave others on her radio show finally helped her stand up for herself.

Now she's traveling the country, doing her radio show and seeing the sights. It's a good life--one that a Senate subpeona disrupts. She's summoned to give evidence on supernatural creatures to a committee that's half fact-finding mission, half witch-hunt.

I really liked this. This is what I think of when I think urban fantasy, where the emphasis is on the paranormal, not romance, and the world feels like a believable place. No one's over-powered, or has shining hair down to the ground, or has rippling muscles. The language is matter-of-fact but not without a few unique voice to the main character. The main character herself is competant but slightly overwhelmed; I was sure she'd survive, but doubted she'd do so without taking damage. There are no miracles here, even if there is magic.