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Kitty Goes to War - Carrie Vaughn When a pack of Green Berets infected with lycanthropy goes rogue, and on United States soil no less, the NIH calls in Kitty Norville, talk-show host and werewolf. Shell-shocked from war as much as from being were-wolves, the soldiers are having a hard time of it. Kitty tries her best, but she's distracted by mysterious goings-on at Speedy Mart and how much prison changed her ex-foe, Cormac.

Kitty really seems like a pack-leader at this point, not just someone trying to make the best of forced responsibilities. I liked how much of Cormac's plot was off-stage--the clues Vaughn dropped in the last few books were more than enough for me to figure it out, and his deadpan big reveal was hilarious. Plus, this book ramps up the plot surrounding the Long Game. I hope Vaughn gets to the meat of it soon, instead of letting the escalated tension fizzle out.