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Feed - Mira Grant Sure, it begins in the midst of a zombie fight, but it's all downhill from there.

Mawkish manipulative bullshit.
Dialog that strains to be witty banter but fails miserably.
A plot with more holes than sense. So the Evangelical Christian Texan Governor Tate is behind all assassination attempts. Trite, but fine. Except--why? Zombifying Ryman's horse only made gave Ryman the public's sympathy, while providing yet another talking point against one of Tate's desired laws (he wants large animals to be allowed near humans, but people fear they'll become zombies. having a public figure's animal become a zombie is exactly the wrong way to combat this fear!). And why does Tate keep trying to sabotage Ryman's campaign before Ryman is even elected? Tate is his VP and says he planned to ride Ryman's popularity all the way to the White House. But how is he supposed to do that if he keeps ruining Ryman? And why on earth does he let zombies loose among his *own* supporters and donators? That makes no sense! Every part of hte plot is like this.
And a thoroughly unrealistic political and journalistic landscape.
As far as zombie novels go? Stay away from this one. The world building is good, but the characters and plot are worthless.