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Miss Cayley's Adventures - Grant Allen Lois Cayley is the quick-witted, sharp-tongued, stout-hearted heroine of this sweet little novel. She's so clever and masterful that her various triumphs come as no surprise, but her asides are so amusing that her near-perfection is never annoying. The quips and bon mots are hilarious (see my status updates for examples), and the characters memorable. The women are just as capable, full of agency, and rife with both foibles and strengths (including higher mathematics), as the men. The n-word pops up a number of times once Lois gets to India, but the main Indian character is far more admirable than most of the other characters, and not "in spite" of his race or creed. (It's disheartening to realize this was printed as early as 1899, and yet over a hundred years later the truths Allen found self-evident are still being argued about.) Everything is handled with a light, airy touch, and the humor has a wonderfully dry tone to it. The plot veers into melodrama at the end, but it's all in good fun.

I wish this was part of a series, because I am loathe to part with the admirable Miss Cayley! Can be found online here.