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More Than a Mistress - Mary Balogh Jane is in hiding from the Bow Street Runners. A chance encounter brings her to the annoyed attention of the notorious Duke of Tresham, Jocelyn, who hires her first as his nurse and then convinces her to be his mistress. But what he doesn't know is that Jane is actually Lady Sarah Illingsworth, heiress to a considerable fortune. Her guardian's impecunious lechery and greed have her on the run, suspected of a murder she did not commit. He installs her in his love nest, but finds that she makes it a home. But Jane cannot hide from the law forever, and Jocelyn begins to has suspicions of his own...

Very sweet, and I completely bought the romance between them. Although the start of their relationship is rife with the barbed banter so typical of regency romances, they end up having actual conversations. I also really liked that there was a plot here, instead of just lots of balls and dresses. Also, it was lovely to see Lady Heywood again, who I loved in Secret Mistress.