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There is No Dog - Meg Rosoff Bob's mother won Earth in a poker game, and gave it to Bob to get him out of her hair. He's a terrible God, lazy and selfish and foolish, but he does have flashes of brilliance. Luckily for Earth, he also has an assistant, Mr. B, who is as responsible, far-seeing and wise (if a bit stodgy) as Bob is not. Between the two of them, Earth mostly manages to putter along.

But then Bob falls in love with a human girl (again--you'd think he'd remember what happened the last few times he tried this) and Earth goes rather off the rails while he tries to court her. And Bob's pet Eck is scheduled to be eaten by a much more powerful god. And Mr. B finally tenders his resignation...

It's a little too much like magical realism or modern literature for me, and not much like fantasy. It all wraps up too neatly as well. But Rosoff is good at creating memorable, believable characters in a short amount of time, and her writing has a tinge of jaded sarcasm to it that I enjoy, so it was a fun read.