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First Test - Tamora Pierce After King Jonathan took the throne, he decreed that women could train as knights as well. But more than a decade has passed since Alanna was unveiled as a female knight, and still no other female member of a noble house has come forth to be trained. No one--until Keladry. The daughter of ambassadors, Kel spent her childhood in lands where women were trained warriors, and intends to become one herself. Jonathon's hide-bound nobles aren't pleased with this change of tradition, and to placate them, Jonathan agrees that Kel will be merely a probationary page, subject to being tossed out at her first failure.

Kel, however, is too damn awesome for that crap. She's the kind of person who, when she discovers her lance has been unfairly weighted with lead, keeps training with the weighted lance in order to become stronger. No matter what they throw at her, she rises to the challenge.

This book was so much fun to read! Energizing and inspiring and thrilling--altogether my favorite kind of wish-fullfillment fantasy.