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The Will of the Empress - Tamora Pierce When they were just children, Sandry, Briar, Tris and Daja linked their magics and became a nigh-unstoppable force. They became mages at the unprecedentedly early age of 13, and split up to explore the world. Now 18, they are finally together once more. But their old intimacy is gone: years apart have made them reticent to join their minds as they once did, and old wounds and insecurities have damaged their friendship. This is a particularly dangerous time to be unlinked, however, because they are now in the Namorn court, and the Empress doesn't intend to let any of them leave.

I loved reading about these characters again, but the plot felt a little thin, and Tris/Sandry/Daja/Briar's insecurities a little contrived. The one thing I did like was that Sandry gives up her lands and titles in Namorn in order to keep the people there safe. It was a completely unexpected way to solve her problem. I'm so used to characters acquiring more and more power and respect as their series progresses, that to see a character let hers go dumbfounded me. It's not my favorite book about these characters, but only because the other ones were so good.