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Shatterglass - Tamora Pierce Tris is the most talented weather mage in generations, but that's just her problem. She's so powerful that people either doubt that she's telling the truth, or want her for war magic. Tris travels the world with her friend and mentor Niko Goldeneyes, trying to find a way to use her magic to help people. In Tharios, an ancient city obsessed with death and cleanliness, she stumbles across a mage with both glass and lightning magic (a terrible combination). She tries to teach him to control his magic, but all he cares about is finding the serial killer stalking Tharios.

I have read too many mysteries and watched too many police procedural shows not to feel a little impatient with the mystery plot. I understood why the characters were having such trouble with the investigation, but it seemed like it moved very slowly, and depended too heavily on magic. However, Tris remains the awesomest. I love, love, love her. She is cranky and ambitious, she can price someone's outfit at a glance but still shies away from getting close to people. She takes on far too much responsibility and has absurdly lofty goals (when we first met her, she tried to stop the tide--now she just controls hurricanes and looses lightning from her braids). She is unafraid of madness or weakness in others, but impatient to get things done. Basically, she is the bestest ever, and I loved getting to read more of her adventures.