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The Minority Council (Matthew Swift, #4) - Kate Griffin Matthew Swift was one of many mediocre city sorcerers living in London until he was murdered.
Then, of course, he was a dead mediocre city sorcerer.

And then he came back.

And with him came the blue electric angels, magical beings created by all the emotional energy and power we pour into the telephone lines. Matthew Swift, now a "we" instead of a "me", is charged with protecting the city of London. He's stopped the Death of Cities, he's stopped Blackout, he's stopped the Neon army (the modern version of fairy) from tearing London apart. But now, it seems someone doesn't trust him to do his job. London's hoodlums are getting murdered and brainwashed, and Matthew doesn't know why.

I absolutely loved this book, so rife with energy and emotion and great dialog. Buuut then there's a whole section near the end where Penny (Matthew's foul-mouthed apprentice) relays a story of what she's been up to lately, and it takes about 15 pages and it's told in the most self-consciously colloquial style, and in revenge I have to take one star off this book and merely give it a "it was great!" rating instead of "it was transcendently perfect!"