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Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Kami is determined to make a name for herself as an investigative journalist, even though she lives in a sleepy little English village where nothing exciting ever happens. But then the Lynburns return to their manor on the hill, and she starts noticing all kinds of mysteries. And when the two young Lynburns (dreamboat Ash and his trouble-making cousin Jared) take an interest in Kami, her life gets very exciting indeed. Ritual animal sacrifice, murder attempts, magic, and terrible betrayals ensue, leaving the reader engrossed.

Engrossed, but not that entranced. Kami is a strong and distinctive character, but every main character speaks with the same snappy witticism-heavy style. It makes them run together, despite their obvious differences in background and motivation. Also, I felt like Kami and her friends basically never spent any time in class or doing homework, which made them a little less believable as intelligent and ambitious teenagers. Allllso I felt like there was the same love triangle Brennan had written in her Demons trilogy, and I am pretty tired of YA fantasy love triangles in general and Brennan's type in particular.

All this aside, it's a good book with a few really magical moments. Brennan does creeping horror and action scenes especially well, which is perfect for a book like this. I just wish this book hadn't felt so much like her Demons books.