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River Marked - Patricia Briggs Years after first meeting her standoffish neighbor Adam, Mercy and Adam have fallen in love, negotiated with each other about the kind of life they can share, and are at last married. But a borrowed trailer to use on their honeymoon comes with a catch--the fae want Mercy to investigate a band of otterfae that recently escaped from the fae reservation. The plot is pretty straightfoward; what really wowed me about this book was the relationship between Mercy and Adam and the climactic battle near the end. Romances abound in the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre, but theirs is easily my favorite. Neither is my type, nor is their relationship my favorite kind to be entertained by (that I reserve for witty banter-y types like Beatrice&Benedick), but their love for each other is so solid, and comes across in so many ways large and small, that I was completely charmed. I like that they each feel comfortable and safe with the other. And their love and trust is Mercy's last asset in her final battle: when all else fails, when all her allies are gone and her last obsidian blade has broken, she fights with no weapons and a broken leg rather than let Adam down. That is some hardcore epic shit, and I ate it up with a spoon.