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Stained (Stained, #1) - Ella James Julia is so grateful to be adopted that she's usually a model child. But one evening she sneaks out to hang out with friends, and when she returns home, she finds it in flames. Her adoptive parents are dead, and flying above their heads is a winged man. Julia flees and holes up in a warehouse, determined to stay off the foster care system's radar until she ages out. She encounters another winged man named Cayne, and uses her healing powers (heretofore unmentioned) to save him. Then they set off across the US, trying to find the man who killed Julia's parents and stole Cayne's memories. While they travel, Cayne and Julia begin to open up to each other.

There are numerous and long dream sequences/visions in this book, which I find both gutsy (they're pretty weird and disjointed) and annoying (because seriously, let's get to the plot!). Julia is a well-crafted, believable teenager. I had a harder time feeling for Cayne, and couldn't care less about the minor characters who pop up periodically to intone vague and portentous things. The pacing is uneven and the book ends abruptly, without much actually having happened.