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Magnificent Devices (Magnificent Devices #3) - Shelley Adina After her fiance and employer reveals himself as a blackguard and flees to America with the device she helped invent, Claire Trevelyn takes off for America herself. She is overjoyed to explore her friends' airship, but then sky pirates attack and her friends are taken hostage. But Claire's not called the Lady of Devices for no reason. After escaping from the pirates, Claire ends up in the alien landscape of America's southwest and must struggle to survive the elements. Along the way she meets another young inventor, the brave Alice*, and they join forces.

This book was even more fast-paced than the first two in the series. Claire and her friends hardly have time to take a breath before some other calamity befalls them. Adina leaves space for character development, though--Alice's personality shines through, and the Mopsies are given chapters of their own. (They're as hilarious and delightful as I knew they'd be, feisty and adorable and streetwise.) The only criticism I could level at this series is that Claire seems a little too wise and emotionally balanced to be 17, but I think her youth just feeds into why this series is such a satisfying fantasy.

*note: After all the hand-holding and comforting and heart-to-hearts that Claire and Alice have, I secretly ship them, even though I'm sure Claire/Andrew is the endgame ship. Also, I think Alice has a crush on Andrew...so maybe they could be an adorable thrupple instead of a couple?