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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
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A Confusion of Princes - Garth Nix This kept switching genres on me. The main character begins life as an incredibly privileged prince who is trained in war and espionage by his innumerable servants and androids. He battles the other princes (both male and female) to survive, knowing that only one of them will one day be chosen by the king (who is not their biological father, and who was once a prince in their position hirself) to be the next ruler of a galaxy-spanning empire.

Then, he undergoes several years of tests, in which he is abandoned without weapons or any of his formerly necessary servants in various dangerous situations, from wild jungles to a human mining town.

And eventually, he turns against the empire he once hoped to rule. But his realization that he loves a human girl and does not wish to rule is too late--he's already been chosen to be the next king. At which point the story becomes very trippy indeed, with plot reveals and conversation taking place in a purely psychic realm.

It is very much not a book I expected from the cover, the title, or the author. It's good, but goes by too quickly. Too much is passed over; too many personality sea changes take place without enough to support them. It is definitely good, but I think if it had been expanded it would have been better.