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Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs Fifth in the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy's life is finally settling down: her PTSD is settling down, her relationship with Adam feels more solid than ever, and no supernatural problems seem to be brewing. But then her oldest friend and first love, Samuel, tries to commit suicide. Mercy is running out of time to convince him to live, but simultaneously, powerful fae come looking for a book of legends she borrowed.

This is possibly my favorite Mercy book yet. I like the way Briggs writes the fae, as beings that are older and more alien than they look. Because of her shapeshifting ability, Mercy can smell through glamors; the difference between what she sees and what she knows is real is disturbing and fascinating. I liked that someone actually distanced herself from Mercy because of Mercy's dangerous lifestyle, and the tone of the book made me think she was right to do so. So often I read about humans getting caught up in these supernatural games and becoming collateral damage, and I'm glad someone finally caught on. And impressively, this book actually made me care about pack politics. The scenes in the dojo with Mary Jo had my heart in my throat.

My only caveat about this book is that Samuel's suicidal depression is solved in a fairly ridiculous manner: he finds a fae woman he loved years ago, who he has never ever mentioned, and his lurve of her makes him want to live. Sorry, but that's not how depression works. But despite this misstep, I look forward to the next book in the series.