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The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan - Nancy Springer Enola was raised a idiosyncratically in an isolated manor house by her mother. When her mother decamped to live her own life, Enola discovered that she too could lead an independent life--but she nevertheless misses her mother terribly. Their only communication since her mother's disappearance is through cyphered messages left in newspapers, but this is enough to buck up Enola's spirits and confidence. Under a variety of disguises she sets herself up as a finder of lost persons. Her latest case: what has become of the aristocratic girl she saved in [b:The case of the Left-handed lady|606926|The Case of the Left-Handed Lady (Enola Holmes Mysteries, #2)|Nancy Springer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348308364s/606926.jpg|593458]? Her only clue: a cheap pink fan the girl dropped while asking her for help in the rudimentary language of the fan.

It is great fun to watch Enola slip in and out of her variety of guises, and view London from distinctly different points of view. Her complicated feelings for her mother and brothers are particularly well developed in this volume. It is, alas, her brothers that pose the one sticking point I have with the series: both seem rather less astute than usual, and Mycroft in particular is both much less intelligent and far more talkative and active than I'm used to.