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The Theory of the Leisure Class (Modern Library Classics)
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Wallflower (The Old Maids' Club, #1) - Catherine Gayle Tabitha and her friends make a pact to become spinsters and only do what they please when they grow up. More than a decade later, Tabitha is certainly unmarried but, weirdly enough, doesn't seem to actually *do* anything except attend balls and feel uncomfortable at them. What's the point of making a pact to be a free spirited spinster if you only make an effort to accomplish the latter half, and not the former? 50% of her pov chapters are her trying to pair her brother up with someone, and 50% are her saying she's too fat to dance/be beautiful/do anything fun. All of the side characters spend all of their time matchmaking Tabitha and the love interest. It's all frightfully dull. I only got 20% into this before giving up in boredom, so it might get better as the story progresses.