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High Spirits at Harroweby - Mary Chase Comstock Lady Sybil was once a very scandalous lady, but after her death she has been reduced to haunting Harroweby House. But then a coming out ball is thrown for Selinda, her great great granddaughter, and Lady Sybil has more love affairs to arrange and villains to chase off than ever before. Luckily she has the help of Selinda's beloved younger sister Lucy, who has the Second Sight and more than her fair share of intelligence.

This is a wonderfully fun romp in Regency England. There's a good deal of romance, of course, but what struck me most was the humor, from sly quips to full on prat falls. I liked all of the main characters, from romantic Selinda to soft-hearted Lord Waverly, and the side characters are delightfully colorful and foolish. It's a cheerful and kind book, and it quite cheered me up to read it.