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Dark Union (Descent, #3) - S.M. Reine The time has come for another summit between heaven and hell, with the humans mediating. One of Elise's few friends asks her to impersonate him at the conference so he can stay with his pregnant wife. Elise is glad to get away from her unwanted mental link with James and the local demons' pleas for protection. But when she shows up at the conference, with boyfriend Anthony in tow, she's immediately arrested for murder.

The plot is high stakes and high tension, but this book is really about expanding our understanding of how this universe works and why Elise is named Godslayer. I relish the clues we get. I also love that this is urban fantasy with a truly badass, hard as nails heroine. Elise is truly an action hero, and she gets several wonderful moments to show off her strength and fighting ability. And I love that she still has a boyfriend who thinks she's incredibly hot and is basically her less skilled sidekick. I do wish James was in this book, but I'm hopeful he'll get more page time in the next one.