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Bad Radio - Michael Langlois In the midst of WWII, a small band of soldiers interrupted a dark ritual. They never knew just what it was supposed to do; all they knew was that after they stopped it, one of them was immortal. Decades later, Abe is still as strong and youthful looking as ever. When his old comrades start being murdered, he and one of their granddaughters seek the answer why. What they find is more horrific than they could have ever imagined. A man driven insane by the atrocities he witnessed is trying to destroy the world by opening up a portal to the Devourer and its kin, merciless feeding and killing worms. The story really won my interest when it started dropping clues that Abe didn't just get eternal youth in that ritual all those years ago--his personality also started changing. Since the story is told in the first person, that means that we, the reader, are trapped audiences to a man realizing how little he knows himself any longer, and how scary he's gotten. Not where I thought the story was going!

Abe is surprisingly easy to relate to as a main character, and he and his colleagues are a wonderful mix of competent and totally out of their depth. The plot is super creepy, the magical creatures even creepier, and the action scenes are exciting. Definitely worth a read, not least because it's currently free on Amazon!