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Blood of Tyrants - Naomi Novik When naval captain Laurence bonded with a dragon egg, he though his life had taken a turn for the worst. But instead, he developed a deep friendship with the dragon. Since then, he and Temeraire have destroyed battleships, foiled invasions, traveled throughout the world and even betrayed their nation on occasion. But their commitment to each other has never wavered--until now. After being shipwrecked, Laurence loses his memory of the last eight years. His struggle to understand his choices, and what kind of man he's become, is far more touching and fascinating than I expected from an amnesia plot. He does regain his memory (upon clapping eyes on Thackery, thus providing more fuel for the 'shipping fires). From there we are thrown into a whirlwind of events: first they must prevent the assassination of China's crown prince, then foil a coup, and THEN on to Russia, to battle Napoleon once more. But this time, Laurence has hundreds of dragons at his back.